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I met Naji in 2007 while working in the mortgage industry as a mortgage consultant. I was new to the industry and did not have many leads or relationships. I was working on a home purchase loan when I met Naji. He took me under his wing and treated me like family while helping me to accomplish my career goals. In 2009 Naji created a mastermind group. I was invited to sit in on a meeting. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. There were people there from all walks of life. People who were already successful and those who were finding their way like myself. The knowledge and advice that was passed around was amazing. Not only did I gain ideas to grow my business, I gained knowledge about life that could not be found in a book or television show. I would recommend everyone to join his mastermind group. You will elevate mentally, physically, and spiritually while learning to improve not only your career but your life in general with good people who care.

Faraji Mason /Co-Owner ASAHD LLC/A Son and his Dad Contacting Co.

Naji has helped me so much with his coaching. His vast knowledge of the importance of mindset, gratitude, and his ability to connect has been invaluable. Working with Naji has enabled me to build my team and I am excited for the future.

Jeff St. Clair /Senior Home Loan Consultant

Naji Rashid is an awsome motivator! He has encouraged me in every aspect of my Interior Design business. He assist me in getting it up and running and constantly gives ideas on how to market my business. He keeps me thinking outside the box.

Sherrie Rashid/ Interior Designer/ Owner

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